"The Beer Jesus from America"


A film by Matt Sweetwood


Documentary / 103 min  (2019)


 If a German beer revolution has begun, Stone Brewing is clearly smack-dab in the middle of it, attempting to be the first American craft brewery to build, own, and operate its own brewery in Europe. In order for this pioneer mission to succeed, Stone’s CEO Greg Koch (nicknamed the Beer Jesus) )  his team, and a determined group of German Craft Brewers must challenge the established beer-culture and continue to win over the hearts, minds, and taste-buds of future beer-drinkers. Following this unprecedented journey, filmmaker Matt Sweetwood (Beerland, Forgetting Dad) documents the struggles, accomplishments, and heart of this bold endeavour from its construction, opening day, and beyond.


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"Making Of " Mata Hari und Mademo

"Mata Hari und Mademoiselle Docteur"  


NDR, rbb und SWR, Vincent TV  (Short Documentary, 25 min)


"Mata Hari und Mademoiselle Docteur“ tells the story of the legendary dancer turned spy, and infamous WWI lead officer ElsbethSchrägmuller who's following her every lead. Based on the  tradgic true story.


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"Meine Oma in Schlesien"  


Documentary (52 min)


After 96 year old Ruth Hahn decides to visit her lost homeland one last time, 21 year old granddaughter Clara decides to join along on the10 day road-trip. Recalling wonderful and painful memories growing up in the now Polish region, Clara learns a side of her history and family she never knew existed. Exploring her nationality and family roots, the documentary is a though-provoking journey into abandoned places, old photographs, and new friendships along the way.


A Wrangelfilm and Sweetwood Films co-production premiering in Moviemento Berlin, June 2015.


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in co-production with WrangleFIlm 


"Die Gute Göring"


ARD / Vincent TV /  Making Of ( 25 min)



Docudrama feature film (120min) based on the lives of the Göring Brothers and fate following WWII. The remarkable true story of how Alfred Göring used his name and influence to rescue lives, preventing hundreds from being captured and killed by the Nazi regime. Produced by Vincent TVwith NRD television. 



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MediaTech Hub Potsdam 


Medienboard BerlinBrandenburg  /  ILB / BE Berlin 


PR Film Series 


Potsdam, the Digital Hub for MediaTech. The MediaTech Hub Potsdam is a physical place and a network at once. On the basis of the location’s established film and IT expertise, new digital methods for data utilization and media production (e.g. virtual and augmented reality) are developed and implemented.

The MediaTech Hub Potsdam offers more than media, IT and industry individually. With it’s interbranch orientation and unique interaction, Potsdam becomes an innovation space of digital transformation.



Changing the Picture TechCon
2014 - 2017  /  PR + Documentation
CHANGING THE PICTURE is a technology conference aimed at broadcast industry executives; producers, production managers, sales and distribution companies and technology providers. Based in Studio Babelsberg it combines inspiring keynotes from international industry experts with panel discussions and practical “Tours of Workspaces", offering hands-on experience and technological expertise in Digital workflow - for Production, Distribution and Archiving.
Sweetwood Films produced the PR/ Documentation videos for the complete conference.
Vincent TV GmbH




Making Of "Otto Weidt" Kinofilm / 2014   (20min)


A new film records the story of an unsung Schindler – a factory owner who hid Jewish employees from the Gestapo, and went to great lengths to save the life of one with whom he had fallen in love.  Included in broadcast and  DVD extra. 


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"Gundis Lieder, Gundis Themen; hinter den Kulissen"  Doku (15min)

Paying hommage to the late DDR singer-songwriter Gerhard Gundermann, groups of musicians through a local non-profit initiative came together to make a double-album. The film follows their creative process and motivation for keeping his music and message alive. Includes interviews and musical episodes with Konstantin Wecker, Stoppok, Tino Eisbrenner, and others inspiring artists.  




Beerland Diaries - 12 x Webseries / 2014
Follow Beerland director Matt Sweetwood as he travels through all of Deutschland exploring even more interesting aspects of German beer culture.


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